Ron Kaminski
Ella Rabinovitch
Jim Summers

100+ Years Combined Experience in the Polymer Industry



P3Consultants has been retained by seventy-five national & international clients in their first ten years of business. The following is a list of successful projects.


Publication of PVC Handbook

  • The individuals of P3C were editor and authors of this outstanding PVC publication found at:


Compound formulating

  • Vinyl formulating
  • Cost reduction
  • Weatherable formulating
  • Automotive compounding
  • Olefin compounding
  • Composites technology
  • Wood filler technology
  • Foamed composites formulation
  • Color concentrate technology


  • Compounding process development
  • Dispersion compounding
  • Extrusion die design
  • Coextrusion die design
  • Foamed composites die design
  • Extrusion processing
  • Extrusion assistance
  • Injection molding technology
  • Injection molding assistance
  • Welding technology
  • Color concentrate technology


  • Manufacture of easy processing & gel free resins


  • Management systems improvement
  • New application development
  • Technical training & assistance
  • Innovation


  • New plant design
  • Equipment selection

Legal assistance

  • Legal tort assistance
  • Expert witness
  • Legal liability assistance